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Al Ain, UAE Art Biennale;

Earth's Dream


(Featured Artist and Keynote Speaker)


Based on the genetic world tree of life, this installation was created to celebrate the interconnectedness of all peoples.

2016 Multi-media Installation,

drywall, screws, wire, paint


"Earth's Dream", UAE 1st Art Biennale in Al Ain, was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development. Stacey was a featured artist and guest speaker, along with Mohammed Helal of Egypt, and curated by Adel Mustapha of Alexandria University, Egypt.

Vlado interviews curator and artists participating in the UAE Art Biennale

Eyso with guest orchestras from Poland and Norway performing national song at the FIRST UAE ART BIENNALE IN AL AIN (April 2016)


The National Newspaper

Sheikh Zayed Book Award

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