Stacey Kalkowski is a mult-media artist from Los Angeles, California and currently lives and teaches in the United Arab Emirates. She earned her MFA from California State University, Los Angeles and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Stacey's current work explores the idea of connection through quantum time/space. If all possible moments can exists in multiple universes at the same time, then we are all connected on a sub-atomic level.

In conjunction, her photography and video installations tell stories of places that people interact with, including industrial, sacred, wild and intimate settings.

The current body of work has evolved from her earlier installations which investigated the familiar concept of place as opposed to the yearning for the less familiar space, an illusive, out-there, wide openness.

Stacey is an active leader within the United Arab Emirates art scene. She is a professor and department coordinator at UAE University and the Director of the newly formed UAEU Art Center in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. In 2020 she organized a Year of Tolerance Film Festival and was an invaluable part of the formation of the new UAEU Visual Communications major and UAEU Art Center.