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Artist, Educator, Filmmaker

Current Projects

About the work:

Multimedia Series

When the lockdown started, I expanded on forms that I had been creating for a few years. They suddenly took on an intense meaning for me. Everyone in the world is going though a kind of metamorphosis, both personally and collectively.

Photography Series

Like many around the world, I was under a strict city lockdown and curfew. Walking my dog Harley, became one of the few times I was able to go outdoors and mentally escape. I began to document my walks with photography and publish them on social media. 

Recent Oil Paintings

Multimedia Series


The cocoon-like form is a place of solitude and transition, of moving from one state into another.




In Asia, there is a belief that all the people you have ever met, or will ever meet are connected with an invisible red thread.

Photography Series


During the strictest part of the quarantine and early curfews, I began photographing interesting things along my dog walks. 


I take photos along the same 4 routes in my neighborhood and post them to my social media accounts. Over time, I realized I have been creating a kind of visual journal of my experiences of In the Time of Covid19.

Recent Oil Paintings


During the strictest part of the quarantine and early curfews, I have also been working on various paintings, oil on linen board.


I have created 3 paintings in an underwater series and several still life works to continue to stretch my practice.

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